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Polly – female Sudan plated lizard


Polly – female Sudan plated lizard (Gerrhosaurus major)


Polly – female Sudan plated lizard (Gerrhosaurus major)

The Sudan plated lizard is a medium-sized lizard that can grow up to 20-24" long, with the tail being less than half of total length. They have stout bodies, short limbs, and moderately broad tails.

This species is easily recognised by its heavily armored appearance. The body and tail is covered in transverse bands of more or less square plate-like keeled scales, and head shields are fused to the skull. The armour makes the animals look a bit like the uncommon perception of Mesozoic reptiles.

Coloration varies from tawny to grayish brown to dark brown with cream-colored spots or striping, with a pale underside. Males tend to be larger than females, and can develop bright-colored throats during breeding season.